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сряда, 8 ноември 2017 г.

Сватбена кутия за Радост и Даниел

Сватбена кутия Радост и Даниел by iliyana_mavrodieva

November month is already here. The weather getting cold, but the summer memories are still warming my soul. One of these memories is about the wedding of our friends Radost and Daniel.
We have known Radost for several years alongside regarding the salsa lessons we've got together. We received an invitation from her about this magical event back in spring, just on my birthday. I was excited because I love weddings. There is something magical about them.
Last summer I lit up on the wedding boxes, so as soon as we got back from Rome, I offered Radost to make such a box for her wedding.
The main color of the wedding was in burgundy and with this post I want to share with you my inspiration for the wedding box of Radost and her husband Daniel.

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Сватбена кутия Радост и Даниел 2 by iliyana_mavrodieva